How To Reduce Your Risk For Colon Cancer

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colon cancer riskColon cancer has become a serious cancer threat to many people in the US today. In fact, it is considered as the second leading cause of cancer deaths among Americans. It is also the 3rd most common type of cancer in the US today. But it is also one of the most preventable of cancers. Here are some of the ways that can help.

Get rid of belly fat.
Belly fat has been linked to increased risk of colon cancer in people, regardless of body weight. Reducing belly fat may be one of the ways to reduce your colon cancer risk.

Regular exercise or physical activity helps.
In connection to reducing body fat, having regular physical activity can also help reduce your colon cancer risk. You do not have to follow a definite exercise program. Just having the right amount of physical activity such as cleaning the house, brisk walking or riding a bike can also have its benefits.

Reduce red meat consumption and other processed meats.
There is substantial evidence that eating processed meat like hot dogs, sausages, bacon and deli meats can also increase your colon cancer risk. The same thing with eating a lot of red meat regularly. Reducing red and processed meat consumption canĀ  reduce your colon cancer risk as well.

Eat more high fiber foods.
Considered as a natural colon cleanser, fiber can help remove the toxins from your body that can sometimes contribute to your colon cancer risk. Evidence suggests that adding 10 grams of fiber to your daily diet can also slash your colon cancer risk by 10 percent.

Eat more garlic.
While some may avoid it due to its smell, the pungent garlic is known for its cancer fighting properties. Diets high in the consumption of garlic also reduces the risk of colon cancer. You can start adding it to your diet on a regular basis in order to enjoy the benefits.

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