How To Lose Weight? Drink More Water.

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drink waterWith the threat of obesity increasing and people with excess weight becoming a rampant problem, trying to lose weight in different ways has become a popular venture. With many diet fads and weight loss trends out there, some people can get lost in it all. No matter how much people try to do everything, they seem to fail in trying to achieve their weight loss goals. Instead of trying to follow the current weight loss diet fad out there, researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign offers a simpler and more effective alternative- just drink more water.

According to a study by the researchers that involved 18,300 adults, increasing water intake by just one percent can be enough to pare down a person’s daily consumption of salt, sugar, cholesterol and saturated fat. The researchers examined the eating habits of the participants who took part in the US government-led study. During the course of the said study, participants were required to report everything they ate and drank over the course of two days with intervals ranging from three to 10 days apart.

The researchers measured the amount of water each participant drank as a percentage of their dietary water intake from food and beverages. Coffee and tea were included but were not considered as plain water. The researchers found out that the participants average a little more than four cups of plain water daily. The researchers however, also found out that participants who consumed one more cup of plain water to their daily intake from any source- tap, bottled, drinking fountain and others- also consumed fewer calories per day and showed a decrease in sodium intake. Sugar consumption also showed a decrease along with daily cholesterol intake showing significant declines.

The beneficial effects of drinking more water were more evident in men as well as the young and middle-aged adults. They noted that these groups of people tend to consume more calories daily, which may help explain why they also showed more calorie loss than the other groups.

Source: HealthDay

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