Control Your Risk Of Stroke

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Stroke is one of the main causes of death among people today. The modern lifestyle of processed foods, bad habits, and stress all contribute to increasing the risk of people having a stroke. Stroke prevention is all about risk reduction, which involves changing bad habits and healthy eating. There are also other things that will help you in controlling stroke risk. Here are some of them.

Stop Or Avoid Smoking

Smoking is considered as a risk factor for stroke. Smoking can be quite hard to stop. But it is something that can be controlled by an individual nonetheless. Never starting this bad habit in the first place can eliminate such a risk. Not only that,  if you avoiding second-hand smoke may also do well in reducing stroke risk.

Address Weight Issues

Obesity is also a known risk factor for stroke. Taking care of excess body weight can also reduce stroke risk. Following a regular exercise program and a healthy diet to maintain a more ideal weight level can do wonders.

Minimize Salt Intake

Too much salt in one’s diet may also increase stroke risk. Too much sodium can lead to elevated blood pressure, which can then contribute to a risk of having a stroke. An ideal diet includes consuming less than 2,300 mg of salt content per day. If you are consuming higher than the standard and you may already be treading on dangerous waters, so to speak. Increased salt consumption may have an effect on stroke risk after a period of time.