Factors That Increase Your Stroke Risk

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Stroke is considered today as a leading cause of death and disability especially in urbanized populations.  It is also one of those conditions that people usually fail to recognize the symptoms. It can strike quickly. But you can help protect yourself by knowing the factors that might put you at risk. Here are some of them.

Family History Of Stroke

If your family members have suffered from strokes in the past, then you may have a higher chance of experiencing one compared to those who do not have a family history of the said condition. Stroke is believed to have a genetic component of which researchers are coming close to identifying. Knowing that you have a family history of stroke will enable you to be aware of the increased risk and take better care in trying to minimize the said risk through other means.

You Suffer From Migraines

This painful type of headache may also indicate a higher risk of suffering from an ischemic stroke. Although the underlying reason why still remains unclear, researchers have noticed that people who suffer from migraines that also include symptoms such as visual disturbances are at an increased risk of having a stroke.

High Blood Pressure Not Under Control

High blood pressure is a known risk factor for stroke. What makes it worse is that high blood pressure does not necessarily show any outward telltale signs. If left unchecked, high blood pressure can lead to a number of cardiovascular conditions including stroke.