Common Household Items That Can Cause Cancer

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Cancer has become a very common disease that causes the death of many people worldwide. And while there have been advances in medicine that will help treat most cancers and improve survival rate, the “Big C” still has a dreadful effect in many people’s health today. One common cause may be the environment or one’s surroundings. Many people may be unaware but there are also some common household items that may be carcinogenic. Here are just some of them.

Fire Resistant Furniture   

Many living room furniture such as couches are sprayed with a flame retardant to avoid them from accidentally getting burned by cigarettes and other means. But while it can prevent fires, the compound used to make furniture fire resistant can cause cancer.

Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products at home can contain many carcinogenic chemicals. While they can effectively sterilize your home, people at home can end up inhaling the toxins or absorb the chemicals that can gradually build up on surfaces. Make sure that you start using chemical-free cleaners for your home.

Vinyl Flooring

Most vinyl floorings contain PVC, which is a known carcinogen. Not only that, the process of making vinyl flooring produces dioxins, which are considered as carcinogenic toxins. The wide area that such floorings can occupy, the more exposure to the carcinogenic agents the people living inside the home can have.