Common Characteristics of People With Anxiety

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Anxiety can be a problem many people face but they can barely recognize as something they want to address. While it can be brought about by a number of different factors, it is characterized by having a sudden irrational fear, concern, worry or panic that can affect one’s emotions and behavior. Some people may not know they have the condition since they might just consider it as a natural reaction to an anticipated danger or threat. Here are some things that can help you identify people who might be suffering from anxiety.

Overly Perfectionist

While some people naturally want to create or achieve as perfect as possible, they tend to make sure all the time by double checking everything. But sometimes, striving for perfection can start to become too much. People who suffer from anxiety can turn overly perfectionist in anything they do.

Issues With Trust

People who suffer from anxiety tend to have problems trusting others. They feel insecure that they always have doubts in their minds no matter how much assurance others give them. They tend to only trust themselves and what they can do. They usually become concerned or worried when certain things happening are out of their own hands.

Excessive Fidgeting

People with anxiety tend to find something else to do in order to address their restlessness. They usually try to find something to do with their hands since that is the best available means to deal with their nervous energy. Whether it might be playing with a pen or a fidget spinner, people who often do this as a habit are more likely to be suffering from anxiety as well.