Better Skin Through Your Diet

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There are various ways you can do in order to have better skin. The food you eat can also help make your skin look more beautiful. Here are some examples of food that you can add into your diet that will help you transform your skin for the better.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea regularly can also help improve your skin health. Green tea contains beneficial compounds such as catechins, which helps in protecting the skin against free radicals and damaging UV rays from the sun. This results in skin appearing more youthful.


Adding tomato into your diet can also help in maintaining beautiful skin. It contains lycopene which helps prevent skin aging. It also rich in carotenoids, which helps protect the skin from UV rays of the sun.

Sweet Potato

Another good addition to your diet for healthier skin is sweet potato. It is rich in vitamin A which can protect the skin from environmental threats that can damage your skin. Eating sweet potato as part of your diet can help give you younger looking skin.

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