Warning Signs Of Early Mortality

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Maintaining your health can help you live longer.  Many people aim to extend their life span and so they try to stay fit and take care of their health. But it is inevitable that people will die someday. While that time can’t be predicted, there are certain health-related warning signs that can determine if people will die early. Here are some of them.

Above Average Resting Heart Rate

The average resting heart rate is around 60 to 80 beats per minute. Having a rate higher than that can be attributed to certain factors such as aging, smoking, too much stress and a variety of medical ailments. Without addressing it, the elevated average resting heart rate can result in early mortality as research has indicated.

Weak Grip Strength

How strong or weak you grasp at something can also indicate your mortality risk. Grip strength can tell doctors whether you may be suffering from some underlying health conditions. One study reports that an 11-pound decrease in grip strength can be linked to a 16 percent higher risk of dying from any cause. Not only that, the same decrease in grip strength was also linked to a 17 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease  and a 9 percent higher risk of dying from stroke.

Slower Gait

If you notice that you are gradually walking slower and slower than others, then it may be a possible indication that your body might be suffering. A slower gait is linked to health issues that involve the heart and the lungs. It may also be associated with problems in the musculoskeletal system or the circulatory system in your body. These conditions may put you in an increased risk of disability and also death.