Benefits Of Sleep

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Sleep may be considered as a common luxury for many people. While it is something that anyone can do, many people just do not seem to get enough of it. The modern lifestyle has evolved into a seemingly increasing stream of stimulation and productivity. Most people start to become too busy in life that time becomes more precious to get things done. Getting enough sleep in the process may be the last priority.

An increasing number of studies have reiterated the importance of getting adequate sleep daily. The results of the studies are showing how essential enough sleep is needed to become more productive, perform better at work and be healthier in general. There are many benefits in getting enough sleep with regards to better performance. Here are some of them.

Improves Physical Performance

Sleep allows the body to relax, repair itself, and replenish what it may have lost during the day. The body needs enough time to do these things in order to achieve peak performance. A study by Stanford University involving college football players has provided the link between sleep and physical performance. The study showed that football players who slept for at least 10 hours each night for seven to eight weeks displayed improvement in their sprint times as well as stamina and experienced less fatigue. The study reinforced the previous findings done on tennis players and swimmers.

Reduces Inflammation

Getting adequate sleep helps reduce body inflammation, which has been associated with conditions such as stroke, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Research indicates that lack of sleep can lead to higher levels of inflammatory proteins in the body compared to what is normal in people getting enough zzz’s.  Getting enough sleep can help improve a person’s blood pressure levels as well as body inflammation.

Lessens Risk Of Accidents

A greater number of accidents are due to human error. Many of these human errors can be attributed to lack of sleep especially in tasks involving attention and focus. A number of road accidents and car crashes has been linked to tiredness and fatigue while driving. The same goes for accidents that happen in the workplace. Getting enough sleep can help people become more attentive on the road as well as at the workplace and reduce the risks of accidents due to human error.